The Promised Land in Venice

The Promised Land in Venice


Venice always surprises me and recently I had the opportunity to visit an old vineyard in an ancient walled garden near the Santa Lucia railway station. It belongs to the convent of Discalced Carmelites and the monks cultivate in it about 20 grape varieties from the lagoon territory in order to preserve the viticultural bio-diversity of Venice.

The cultivars include a white variety which they call Terra Promessa, Uva di Gerusalemme, Uva di Palestina and also Uva di Nehelescol. It was brought to the Venetian garden from Palestine by Father Graziano between the two World Wars and The Consortium Vini Venezia and two universities are making a research to trace its origins. The cluster is very long (75 cm), the skin is very thick and the wine is not aromatic.

The Carmelite brothers produce two well made wines: Ad Mensam, white obtained from 17 varieties including Glera, Malvasia and Dorona; Prandium, red wine made from Raboso, Marzemino and other varieties. The wines we tasted were both from 2020.

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